Asset Management

As an extension of its leasing and property management capabilities, NAI Signature Group offers full Asset Management Services, handling an array of business, tax planning and advanced reporting functions on behalf of commercial/investment property owners. The company developed its Asset Management Services Division as a result of managing Class A office properties as a member of the ownership group. Asset management services may include cost segregation studies (for accelerated depreciation and other tax planning purposes,) arranging interim mortgage financing and 1031 tax advantaged exchanges on sale of a managed property, negotiating discounted vendor fees and utility rates and implementing energy savings programs.

Because it involves total business management of the property, Asset Management is a particularly sound option for passive owners of one to five properties and in a number of situations where the owner/s:

  • Inherited the property or must step in to help a family member
  • Acquired the building primarily to house their own business and prefer not to be ‘landlord’ to the other tenants in the building
  • Are investors who find managing the investment more complicated than they expected
  • Are going to retire and want to ensure the property’s continuing financial viability and cash flow
  • Have other business responsibilities and don’t have the time to manage the properties
  • Want to maximize the value of the property for sale and need advice on capital improvements, as well as better financial record keeping to support pricing and facilitate buyer due diligence