Energy Management

Property management companies face a myriad of challenges on a regular basis such as controlling operating costs, staffing, tenant interactions and lease management. Increased indirect costs show up in higher prices for jut about everything you purchase, from light bulbs to construction materials. Our partner Best Practice Energy offers a Whole Energy Health platform that is tailored to property managers, providing procurement consulting and energy saving initatives to minimize expense and maximize efficiency. 

Commodity Management

Best Practice has the right strategy to manage market participants. Their supplier-neutral, completely transparent process gives you confidence you're getting the lowest price available.  

Material Improvenments

Failing or outdated material assets, such as lighting, motors, compressed air, HVAC and refrigeration, are a primary source of waste. BPE's facility analysis, optimization tools and resources help your operations team pinpoint the costliest inefficiencies across your portfolio and employ strategies to rectify them.

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